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Amazing set of garage doors and entry doors we painted in the heart of Boca Raton. Thsi house has an amazing 4 car garage with a real wood overlay applied. As we have seen over and over in our 20 years of painting, the real wood can not hold up to the Florida elements. So the Door Diva has a great solution for this type of door!  after proper preparation of the door including sanding and a special penetrating sealer that bonds the front surface of the wood to a solid finish, we apply our special faux wood grain package. Sealing and painting the doors this way prevents the wood from exposure to the elements and aids in the life of the doors. A great benefit of paint method is the new finish will last for years and years with no maintenance and the wood’s life will also be extended. We have paint hundreds of doors like this and the finish is gorgeous. The doors also needed new weather trim mouldings around the sides and top of the doors, the old trim moulding was dried out and breaking. The Door Diva installed fresh new mouldings that look great and will help to properly seal out the elements from the edges of the doors, and keep creatures out!


The garage doors and the new trim moulding looked like a brand new set of doors were installed on this beautiful home in Boca in West Palm Beach.


Check out the video of the project also.


Thanks for checking this door out, Door Diva Team.