Door Diva

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The Door Diva can paint your kitchen cabinets to give them a look of new. With the trends changing for certain design elements of kitchens, the Door Diva can transform your cabinets to a beautiful modern white finish or a wood grain finish.Door Diva Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tired of your current cabinet color, we can paint your cabinets for a fraction of the cost of new. Painting your cabinets with our proven paint system is as easy way to change the color or wood tone. With long lasting urethane paints and unlimited color selections we can custom paint your cabinets to fit any lifestyle. And don’t forget we also offer new quartz and stone counter tops for your kitchen. Click here for more information. White and grey kitchen cabinets are extremely popular in the last few years. We expect this color design trend to be even stronger in 2019 and for many more years to come.  For many home owners, it’s time to change the look of your kitchen.  If you are changing the look of your kitchen to a more modern feel and you have good cabinets, then painting them is a great cost-effective option. If you have a wood tone kitchen, but the color is just not right, painting the cabinets to white and grey color tones is a great way to complete the transformation.

Wood color tones are still very popular for kitchen, and many houses that came with light wood tone cabinets will benefit from transforming them to a rich deep wood like, mahogany or espresso walnut. We can faux wood grain cabinets to any color tone that is needed.
If you’re considering changing a new kitchen to change the color of your cabinets, there is no need to replace your cabinets. Let us paint them for an easy, no hassle, transformation for a fraction of the cost of putting in new cabinets.

We paint kitchen cabinets in all of Broward, Palm Beach, Miami, Naples, Lake Worth, Boynton, Boca Raton, Parkland, Weston.