Door Diva

Bad Paint?

Peeling, Cracked, Faded, Bubbling Paint..

Sorry to hear that, the good news is the Door Diva can fix them for you properly. And we offer a 5-year warrantee when we do.

Wood grain garage doors done by unlicensed or un-qualified persons often fail quite soon after they are completed. Garage doors with bubbles, flaking, peeling, and faded surfaces are in need of repair before we can paint on them.

Quite often we see cheap materials being used in the wrong way to paint garage doors. This leads to a failed paint job, the customer usually has to pay for twice, plus the cost of the repair work. Since conveniently the phone number from the so called “paint contractor” no longer exists or they are ignored altogether by the person who did the work.

Previously wood grained doors that have these defects will need some repair work to make them safe to paint on top of. Sometimes it is a matter of sanding and primer, scraping, or removing the paint from the garage door with paint stripper.

All repairs jobs for bad paint that is peeling, bubbling, and faded, receive a 5-year warrantee.

We will come and look at your doors and provide you a written estimate for the work. The Door Diva will fix bad doors in Broward, West Palm, and Miami. And were are Licensed Contractors!

Please call for an appointment.