Door Diva

Faux Finish Painting

The Door Diva, Beth has provided Faux Finishes in South Florida for over 20 years. Our Faux Finishes can be found in residential and commercial setting throughout West Palm Beach, Boca, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Miami.

Our Master Artist and Designer Beth, also known as the “Door Diva” has over 20 years of experience. She is a master artist of all types of faux finishes including: Color Washing, Ragging, Marble, Stone, Gold Metallic effects, Stripping,  and Venetian Plaster. Beth and her team have the ability to design and faux paint any interior and exterior faux finish needed.

Faux Finish Designs by Beth will start with a design consultation to determine the best options for you. After the client is ready we will start custom samples for the areas and type of faux finishes we are going to do.

You can skip the decorator with our service, with over 20 years of color design and consultation you can rest assured you will have a beautiful custom design that is perfect for your project.

Faux finishes can add the perfect design element for your house with the proper faux color and faux style. Let Beth design and paint your Faux Finish for you. Call for details.

Click for Faux Painting Pictures. Picture of a ceiling that was faux painted by the door diva beth in Boca Raton, Fl

Color Washing:

Color Washing and Ragging is a beautiful and soft type of faux finish that is very pleasing to the eye and is appropriate for large wall  and ceiling areas.  Faux Color Washing done in dark colors with metallic overlays, is a perfect accent for smaller areas like Coffer Ceiling, Wall Niches, Foyers, Bath Rooms, Ceiling Medallions, and Crown Molding.

Metallic Faux:

Metallic Faux finishes in South Florida have become very popular. They provide classic faux finish elegance with a modern feel.

Venetian Plaster:

Venetian Plaster application is another way to achieve an elegant finish for your home or business. We have been trained by several manufactures for the proper application and installation of Venetian plaster.

If your budget doesn’t allow for Venetian plaster, we can achieve a very similar effect with our color washing. Which is what most of clients do, after they see all the benefits of color washing.


Elegant and impressive for bedrooms, formal areas, and accent areas. The look will help add space, dept, and height to the area.