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This house is one of our favorites in the Palm Beach area, with a stunning house as the canvas, we created a masterpiece of our wood grain painting. Please enjoy the article and the pictures about the job and transformation.


When garage doors go bad! The story of non professional painters and the damage they cause.

Garage door painting in Wellington, and did these doors need more than painting. This house had its doors previously wood grained by another handyman type that did not know what he or she was doing. We were called out to the house to find faded and peeling paint, rotten wood, door hardware falling off and rusting!

Not problem for the A team, Beth the Door Diva and here super team of craftspeople! We have seen a lot of this and have replaced a lot of wood applied moulding’s on garage doors over the years.

The doors were only painted for just over a year, when they started to fall apart! The so called “contractor” made excuses and would not fix the damage they caused; they even blamed the home owner.

So the work begins to create a long lasting master piece of art: a beautiful set of wood grained garage doors by Beth the Door Diva.


Well….. off with the wood moulding, off with what hardware was left, off with the paint! After getting down to the good part of the garage doors, it was time to start the door transformation.

After the proper sealing and metal treatments, we primed the doors, and got them ready for the wood moulding. And just a note: the wood applied moulding’s are often not primed and sealed when they cut them and this leads to the fast rotting of the wood. It only takes a little extra time to seal the edges after you cut them!

After all the moulding was caulked in, an extra coat of primer was applied to the doors. Then came time for the faux wood grain on the doors. For this house with its red tone pavers and stone design on the front walls, we chose to go with a traditional walnut wood grain tone. The wood grain design was choosing to help show the elevations built in to the door with the moulding’s. The walnut colors created a lot of depth to the wood grain painting and really helped to add a rich look to the house.

Please check out the photos of the finished metal doors painted to look like wood in Wellington.

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Check out the Before and After’s of this beautiful home in Wellington.

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Thanks, Beth the Door Diva